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About Richard and the healing

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With a background as a musician and composer, Richard’s healing arc began about 25 years ago. He trained with many teachers and in many techniques, including Reiki, the Flower of Life with Drunvalo Melchizedek, The Journey with Brandon Bays, The School for the Work with Byron Katie, Energetic Cellular Healing (TECHS), Theta Healing, the 5-year Process of Transformation and Realising Being with Joel Young, and latterly with Jason Shulman, picking up skills in other modalities along the way. More recently a synthesis of all these occurred in a continual spontaneous healing, resulting in a profound clarity; and an effortless healing process has arisen from this. He is able to work with these energies because he has absolutely no agenda of his own.

This new healing process matches the speed of the Soul’s desire. One attribute it has is to highlight the shapes we have adopted to live life from a place of forgetting, and it swiftly transmutes what no longer serves, so that we can now renew our experience of Divine Being and Divine Emptiness, and the way we came into this world. The effect of this is that we increasingly enjoy daily life, and loving living, right here, right now. We experience the bliss of non-duality, and, no longer wishing to escape this dualistic reality, we also enjoy the miracle of being human.

It also helps ready the human body for the profound energy shifts that are taking place, as it has to ‘play catch-up’ with the change in its environment caused by the shift in consciousness we are experiencing. The body experiences rejuvenation at a cellular level.

You have come through all these very many lives to learn and evolve and finally heal to balance and clarity at this momentous time; to resolve everything you have worked for lifetime upon lifetime, and at last experience life from the perspective of pure Being – where even the story of incarnation is a myth – ready to ride the Universal Wave of Creation with ease and poise; and also to walk this beautiful Earth in full expression of what it means to be human.

This healing is pivotal in bringing about a return to full conscious awareness of what it means to move fluently through all aspects of reality, opening in each moment to the continual unfolding of this new consciousness.

The key requirement to heal to this level is simply the capacity to open; whatever the issue, your heart will guide you home. Ultimately, this will bring you to a place of such profound clarity that you become entirely, and permanently, free.


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