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Align yourself with the ever-changing new paradigm, and ride the wave.

“First enlightenment; then the dishes” I understand; but some dishes are out of reach and I don’t know where they are… When will I ever be free?

The issue of being ‘spellbound’

This is an extremely powerful technique for people who have already worked at some depth and know that it’s time to change the rate at which they are healing. Even if we have opened to deep and expanded understanding and awe-inspiring experiences which show us where we are headed, we can find we are unable to integrate that perspective into our lives and live how we long to, because we are mired in our responses to the day-to day.

One of the issues we face is finding ourselves not knowing why the work we have been doing hasn’t yet had the profound effect we are looking for in some areas; whether it’s motivation and direction, energy, health or relationships, or simply clarity, there is something we can’t grasp that isn’t resolving.

One way this heart-centred healing works is to bring awareness to how we have shut parts of us away, believing them to be unwanted and useless, wrong and shameful, dangerous, life-threatening even: that merely connecting with them may well destroy us. By its very nature what we have buried stays hidden from our conscious mind – and the thinking mind simply won’t go there, although it doesn’t know why. Even with some profound healing techniques, even if you are directly working – apparently effectively – with the shadow self, the thinking mind will brilliantly divert attention away from these unresolved aspects in a bid to protect us from seeing what must not be seen.

However, as we uncover the true nature of what is hidden, we invariably discover that what we have shut away is something glorious, and we have misunderstood. With this healing, we swiftly and gently dissolve beliefs that have anchored the way it is hidden and the defence mechanisms that have ensured we kept it that way; and we realign our understanding to reintegrate these previously forbidden areas, reclaiming our greater selves, becoming whole again.

Quite often we find that this pattern is associated with issues we have been working on as a theme over many incarnations in this life stream.

We may then begin to recognise that to arrange our personality to give us the experiences we needed so as to grow as we longed to grow, by hiding parts of us from ourselves this way, took a deep magic; and we often find a reverence for this magic arising as we undo the spell that has bound us.

Furthermore, as we begin to release the agendas of the ego, you could say that we gratefully release the paradigm of a fixed identity; that we allow ourselves to move as the Universe moves and flows; and that as we align ourselves with the Now, we find that we not only blissfully ride the wave of change and innovation, but also we find that we are This. Our Creative self takes up residence.

From this ease, our awareness locates now at the perspective of the personality, now at the perspective of the One, as we discover Life has a preference in the moment, as Beingness wishes to express itself.

We find ourselves taking our place within the ever-changing new paradigm; it becomes as simple as noticing that we are breathing, the movement we find ourselves making, the things we say – everything exists in, and as, this harmony of pure Presence and Inspiration.

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