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An Invitation

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This is your invitation: bring all that you are right here; find clarity, become complete, balanced, connected, joyful and love life.

This is a rapid healing that can bring you quantum leap by quantum leap to that place, should you wish it.

In what way “healing”?

Much research – in Past Life work and Life-Between-Life exploration – has now shown that, from the perspective of the Soul, we came in Love to live a life of restriction, to experience and evolve. When we decide to become healed and whole – which is to say that, at a deep level, we have decided to evolve further by experiencing life here without restriction – it may seem we have a huge amount of work to do. Many of us have been working on it “brick by brick” for a long time, some for a very long time, without having a clear sense of where it is going.

What is different about this healing?

Hitherto, this new way of healing may have seemed unimaginable. It involves no hard work, merely allowing.

It is heart-centred, loving, and designed with a complete integrity around the optimum healing path that is known to your Soul. This is the wisdom we access in the course of the healing, and it brings you to a point of choice: How fast do I want to heal?

No understanding that is important to you is overlooked, and you can consciously access what is to be learned from any aspect of your journey in life, as you need it – if you need it – at any point after that aspect is healed.

It is important to say this because whole swathes of difficult psychological conditions may lift in a very short time. In practice this means that from a place of clarity you now become aware of the patterns you have been running; and the resistances to discovering this wisdom have left your field. These resistances were important; they allowed you to live from a place of forgetting the truth of who you really are, in order to give you the life experience you needed to have, so that you could grow; when they no longer serve how you wish to grow now, it is time for them to disperse. To do this by regular methods is fraught with difficulty as the genius of them is that you are not aware of the mechanism, and they have a tendency to slide out of vision; this new way of healing allows complex ideations and misapprehensions to dissolve wholesale.

In the past we have thought that we have to move step by step towards wholeness in order not to miss essential truths; this is a new paradigm of healing that allows quantum shifts without any ‘loss of data’. It works in reference to the same principle by which the restrictions were lovingly put in place before incarnation / birth. These are the restrictions that were designed to make us susceptible to certain experiences.

How does it work?
The healing does several things. In the first instance, it highlights whole belief systems and traps of the mind, and then simply allows them to dissolve. In conventional therapy, you are generally required in some manner to grasp the essence of your dilemma while the fog of misunderstanding and paradoxical thinking holds sway. This can take a long time. The experience of this work is much different. The whole way of thinking and emotional entrapment is first experienced briefly and then released, after which the whole edifice can be seen with clarity. The skein that remains presents like the beautiful skeleton of a leaf in autumn when only the structural outline is visible – it is now transparent to the Divine Wind.

This modality moves at the speed of the Soul rather than the personality. A major advantage, then, is that the personality does not have to struggle with surrender or the consequences of consent; and after the healing, all is peaceful.

Essentially this restores us to the purity of consciousness we are before we take on the mantle of forgetting and complex misunderstanding that we needed to evolve in this lifetime. From this point, we realise that we came out of Love and our longing to be here; and as the boundaries of what we believe to be ourselves dissolve, we learn what it is to simultaneously experience a personality and Divine Emptiness, where there is no individuation.

What happens in a session?

There is no set pattern; the style of healing can take many forms. In the course of paying attention to what is arising and what he is being shown, Richard senses what to draw your attention to, and what is about to be done. He has no personal agenda about the way any of this is to take place, or what the outcome should be; that is in the hands of an infinitely kind, higher intelligence. Any number of things may happen: sometimes Richard will find he is giving you information about your situation that is useful for you – this usually precedes a release; sometimes he may hold a particular energy or aspect for you to experience. Whichever way is the most apt for you will arise. A healing takes place, and the ideations by which you have limited and defined yourself begin to lift. You may feel strong emotions arising to be experienced through your field as they leave; soon you will sense a lightness in the place of the ‘heavier’ quality just released.

Sometimes a physical healing shows up, and you may notice positive changes after a session.

What happens next?

What follows naturally, perhaps over time, is a discovery of how glorious you really are, along with a relaxation and clarity around what seemed complex issues of life and spirituality; and as you engage more easily with life, you find you are loving living, as Life lives through you. You will learn that the ultimate kindness begins with kindness to the self, and live from that truth. Ultimately we realise we are both One and separate at the same time – in fact multiple perspectives are happening simultaneously, and our experience depends on our perspective at any one moment.

You will find that the experience of the self / Self at all levels of perspective is “loving being…me”.

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