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Faith, Trust and Discernment; Trusting Life

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What is the difference between Faith and Trust? If you trust someone without knowing why, you have faith also.  You have some faith that if you continue to heal, for example, you will get better eventually; you trust someone who is helping you because you sense the trust being there, and you have experienced improvements to your state of mind and well-being that support your faith. Faith will outlast negative beliefs and counter them, so that, even if you believe that spirituality is best left to ‘the professionals’, and that it might lead to disaster if you continue, you will still find yourself pursuing your healing. Home is calling, and part of you replies; the bridge is made of faith.

To make this easy, and allow for complete healing, first you need to be able to trust yourself to be able to discern what is kind for you and what is true for you. Take a very obvious example: you are most likely to look for clothing designed for your gender and body-shape, and you are most likely to wear make-up if you are a woman, not if you are a man. So suppose you are a man who wears men’s clothes and no make-up and you go to a couture course to learn about fashion and make-up, for professional purposes. Next to you is someone that wears make-up and a skirt, and you see that it is a man. This is not the moment, under pressure of thinking other people are getting something about couture that you are not, to become like the person next to you. For him, it probably isn’t kind or appropriate for him to become physically female (unless it is). For you, it most probably doesn’t suit how you came to experience the world, shall we say, and part of you absolutely knows this. But your trust wavers because most of the people there are wearing feminine clothes and make-up. In spiritual workshops, it is common for most of the attendees to be female; this is not the time for men to be female as well. It is for both genders to honour their design and also balance male and female aspects appropriately for their life’s purpose.

So once again: to make this easy we work on healing the areas that affect trust and faith; specifically trust of your own capacity to discern, which allows your powers of discernment to work without interference, and allows your capacity to discern to deepen through experience – without retreating in terror to a place where you shut down to stay ‘safe’. To help with this also, we work to undo the processes whereby we blocked our capacity to access the deep knowing in the heart and make decisions. In fact we experience true stability when we approach life experience from a place of trust. It gives us a secure base. We expand this to realise that our interpretation of our experience has been based on misunderstanding, and Life was only ever kind; and we begin to trust Life completely. Here we feel completely secure. And free, at the same time; not in defence against Life.

We also work on the areas where Faith is weakened. Why? Because for a while it stands in place of the deep knowing we have temporarily lost access to; this is, in fact, where our faith has originated. It is there to connect us to our own deep knowing, not to help us trust someone else’s version of what we should believe.

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