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Good luck, kindness, and the Divine Wind

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These aspects of Grace may be considered to be the same thing. Take the example of you, who love butterflies, opening a window for the first time in the Spring. Unbeknownst to you, a butterfly has been overwintering behind a cupboard, and appears over your shoulder at the exact moment another door in the house closes; a Divine Wind projects our hero/ine to freedom and nourishment. That is Grace in action; whether you notice it or not may be related to how lucky you allow yourself to be.

Ah, but what if, you may ask, the butterfly becomes food for a passing bird? How lucky is that? Well, the butterfly has no issue with this, we think; as far as we know it is experiencing Life as Grace in action, with no interpretation or judgement. It is time for the butterfly to live or die, and for the bird to eat or not to eat. Without hindrance, Grace will provide the kindest of solutions to the urgent needs of our existence. However, with hindrance (i.e. by your not allowing yourself to be lucky) it will – haha! – still do the same thing, although it will look different to you.

So what would good luck be for you? Not to see the butterfly being eaten by the bird; or to see in it a sudden realisation of the inherent goodness of all things? Perhaps even to see it as a disaster meted out by an uncaring Universe; which thought ultimately leads to a deeper understanding that that isn’t true at all; and then we might really get that we live by interpretation? It will be the kindest thing for you, whether you know it or not.

Every move we make brings us inevitably to deeper realisation, and – once we have set our intent upon the journey – to our deepest healing. How we view what happens to us is something else altogether. But here is the trick: if you allow yourself to be lucky forever, and thus allow kindness to flow unhindered in your Being, you will experience the least pain and the most pleasure, because that is what we like most; until we reach a point where we are neutral about our experience, whether pain or pleasure. By offering the least resistance to experience, we allow Life free flow to express itself in Divine Order; and we find ourselves playing; and we experience Joy.

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