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Movement of the Spirit – Optimum Path Healing

by on Jun.18, 2010, under Uncategorized

Optimum Path Healing reconnects you consciously with the agenda of your Soul for this entire lifestream and how you come to be here; opens your healing path to be guided by the deepest wisdom and alignment with Divine Will, moving your evolution effortlessly at your optimum speed.

What happens if your heart calls you to do this – and you simply choose to follow?

The healing that then arrives:

  • lifts whole ideations that no longer serve you, but which you are finding hard to identify and to transcend
  • bypasses the egoic thinking mind, with all its resistances, diversions, ideas of how things should be and judgements based on false perspectives
  • brings the ego into balance, so it interprets the world clearly and does not run your life
  • leaves in place the learning you still require
  • connects you to, and integrates, aspects of your greater self you have hidden from your conscious awareness
  • transmutes difficulty into transparency and flow, giving you a clear view of your journey to this point
  • restores natural balance and harmony in your life
  • connects you joyfully to all Life everywhere
  • prepares you for the major shift in consciousness that is already here
  • enables you to live consciously at all levels, with a profound trust of Life
  • returns you to a sense of your own Glory and Magnificence, connecting you through the Heart to your Divine Origin, to certainty of Truth, and bringing an understanding of what Loving Being means
  • brings you to a full experience of the bliss of being, and the joy of living Life, in full realisation of the nature of reality

…and know that any fears you may experience on reading this are resistances arising to be healed; in fact the very fact they arise shows that part of you is aware that this healing is possible; and this process will heal those fears and resistances first.

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