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How Can I Live What I Know?

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When will I ever feel right? Where can I find an anchor for the higher truths so that they reach all the way down to the deep unresolved parts of me? When will I live in clarity and start enjoying being here?

This is a phenomenally fast and flexible process that allows you to move at the speed that you, at the level of the Soul, would most love, if it were possible. Well, it is: and it means that the fears and resistances you have at the level of the personality don’t rule the pace of your healing.

Resistances work by diverting your attention away from what your personality considers too dangerous for you to see. These structures are laid down when we create our personality; at the deepest level it begins with the way we hide the wondrous nature of our true being; when our parent/s or prime carers don’t respond to our love appropriately because they can no longer relate to what is really here, we learn that our deepest nature is somehow wrong, even shameful, and we replace it with what we empirically construct on the fly, which we believe will enable us to survive. Through the course of our early life we compound this with further misconceptions about ourselves, because we have cut ourselves off from our one unshakeable source of truth; and then of course we fight tooth and nail to defend this false structure, believing it to be both real and right, and indeed who we are.

The healing offered here completely understands the deeper mechanisms by which faulty perspectives are held, and the intelligence that put them there; and if you are reading this, perhaps it is because your Soul is ready to release this whole principle, rather than investigate each cause and work to release it piece by piece.

This healing technique not only stabilises the system, using whatever focal points show themselves, but it also releases the emotional latches that hold in place the shapes we have assumed. Truth emerges, and we can then begin to see clearly how we have taken up residence in what we have so brilliantly constructed; and we can allow ourselves to marvel at the genius of human nature and experience as we connect with our true evolving nature.

We even begin to recognise what amazing beings we are to be able to do this, and how far we have travelled in the process, and how much we love the new understandings that have arisen as a result of our experiences. We realise this is what we willingly came to do, to evolve and serve.

And so we find that as we return to an experience of our deepest selves, we are in fact connecting with our Divine nature.

And yet, there is more. As Love and Joy begin to arise, deeper truth takes us beyond a recognition of our Divine Magnificence and Glory to an experience that all around and within us is one Being, One Consciousness. Ultimately there is ‘only’ Awareness, pure Being; and beyond that, the origin of ALL, sometimes called “The Field”, which is beyond experience; there is no concept to describe it, although we try!

We exist simultaneously in all these realities. At appropriate points, this healing also works to give experience of these different perspectives, allowing us to increase the fluency and fluidity of our movement between them, seeing life from first one perspective, and then from another, each equally valid, allowing Life to express itself through us as it chooses in each moment.

In the course of a healing, you may also find yourself experiencing moving through dimensions, and of being completely in the Now.

Ultimately we understand why our lives have taken the shape they have; a new healed structure arises in our day-to-day existence, and we begin to love just being here, being as we are, right here, right now. You will find yourself loving being just This, experiencing yourself being Love, and understanding what it means to say: “I am…loving being…me”.

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