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1 Dive deep – time to return

Life is kind; we love the experiences we have here, even if we don’t know at the time; and we have arranged our lives so we descend into darkness and create and evolve from limitation. Life kindly helps us put this limitation in place with maximum efficiency, and we deliberately prevent ourselves from knowing any of this, so we can have an authentic experience.

When it is time to heal, we have an experience that tells us that our lives are simply not working, and we look around for help. This healing swiftly returns you to full awareness and freedom from the egoic structure that you now no longer need. You experience what it is like to live freely in this world with a complete trust of Life.

2 Open and choose

While Life has no requirement of you, you may decide or simply know it is time. At this point you will need only two things. No matter how dense and difficult the experience you are having or have had; no matter how desperate and desolate and wrapped up in a myriad defences; you always have the capacity to open, and from there it is simply a matter of choice. Openness and choice are all you need to return home.

3 Faith, Trust, Intent & The Path of the Heart

We all want to know how it is possible to have complete faith, trust and a strong, aligned intent; and how to live through the heart when we have so much difficulty with reaching it, and so much difficulty with our minds. This healing understands why we retreat to our minds and why the heart is so often out of reach when it matters. Simply, we strengthen trust and faith, align the intent, allow the possibility that we can heal completely and lift away the fears that come with that thought. Our minds begin to recognise that it is time to give up trying to run things, a task it was never equipped for. It longs for the deep peace that comes with handing over direction and decision to a wiser part that has endless resource and confidence; and it finds what it has been looking for all this time in the healed heart. The ego realises that death will not follow if it doesn’t conquer the world; and it lives in harmony with, and so gladly under the direction of, the eternal wisdom it finds there.

4 Soul Mechanics

There is individuation at a Soul level. Your soul knows it is part of all consciousness, and at the same time is aware of being distinct from other parts. It is this condition that we heal to, and have a living understanding of, in this life. Your soul has sent a part of its energy to Earth; and there is a deep magic that allows this part to believe it is alone and separate. This same deep magic allows this part to split further, and bury parts of itself where it is afraid to look. Your soul does all this for a number of reasons: to experience, to grow, to deepen in being and understanding; to help others on their journey; to help Mother Earth on hers; and to bring back a glorious gift to the Heart of Creation. We do this through what happens when we dive deep into duality and limited perspective, and then heal. And of course we must forget that we have come to do this, until it is time to remember. And if you are reading this, it is time. It takes enormous courage to undertake such a journey here, and you are nearly at the end.

5 When it’s gone, it’s gone – complete healing

Unlike other healings and therapies, this uses the same deep magic by which we separate to reverse the process. We don’t know how we do it in the first place, and we don’t know how we do it in reverse. And yet it happens.

6 You can learn this and heal others

(i) If you want your thinking mind to be in charge of Life, even once your ego is fully healed, this healing is not for you. Once you allow your Soul to decide the course of your healing, what no longer serves you leaves, and what is going to be useful experience for a little longer stays. That is why it is called the Optimum Path. Spirit is used in this context to mean the animating force that incarnates – it is not all that you are on a Soul level.

In this 3-D world you and I show up as separate.  Our thinking minds think in concepts and can’t really grasp the multi-dimensional nature of our experience as Soul Beings. Individuation exists in Unity Consciousness and has the quality of being distinct but not separate. In truth we are holographic in nature, which means that within each of us is the whole, and from our experience we perceive one aspect of the whole.

Your return to wholeness is a matter of intent, which is also to say: “What is your deepest prayer?” – and let that come from the Heart. This healing helps with that intent where the mind has a fierce grip; because there is a reason that it does, and that reason will not withstand Truth. And intent is a separate issue, and something we work with direct.

(ii) There is no ego construct that can prevent your journey home. It requires two things: openness and choice. To a large extent the healing is the training, and the wisdom comes with the clarity. This healing can’t be done if you have any hint of an ego agenda. Note, though, that we don’t crush or destroy the ego, we use a philosophy that is inclusive; but the ego mind no longer needs to try to run things as you effortlessly live a realisation that you are not your ego, and the ego happily subsides. So the healing comes first!

It’s important to understand that you cannot heal effectively without healing yourself first. Otherwise you can lead people as far as your level of clarity; and then you’re all stuck.

So if your question is really: how can I become whole and help to heal the world? The answer is above, and that’s what I did.

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