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When we are healing to allow Life to express itself freely through us, we already understand that we have been helped every inch of the way to have the experiences we chose. There is a preferred route to arriving at the shapes we needed to have those experiences, and Life very kindly establishes the patterns at the right time and in the right order; although we don’t have a clue about this aspect, as all we know is that we have our triumphs and defeats, our joys and pain, our hopes realised and destroyed, our dreams sometimes realised, sometimes broken, and always our illusions shattered just as surely as we construct new ones in defence against what can sometimes seem like impossible hardship and cruelty. Despite this – and because of this – we develop tremendous skills in the process; and our love, compassion, creativity and kindness deepen and seep out of us and find expression in the most unexpected ways. We discover things about ourselves and the world that are profound and graceful in their intelligence. Wonderful things do happen and we cannot account for them.

We arrive at certain predestined points, and some that are infinitely moveable or exchangeable for something else that will do the job. As near as it can to our changing needs, Life fulfils our continual refinement of what we might call our development plan. We, however, suffer, and have no appreciation of this whatsoever. We love it when things go well, we are in despair when they don’t, and it all seems very arbitrary and devoid of meaning; and there is no map, except for when we live life looking backwards to see where we’ve been. Even then the route is not easily discerned and events only remembered in glimpses.

As we plunge to the depths, we are guided to our darkest places with maximum efficiency. “Movement of the Spirit” describes the shapes we make; “the Optimum Path” refers to our ordered descent (in which we experience many levels of disorder) and then our resurfacing to clarity and Peace.

So we see that from the perspective of the incarnating spirit, everything Life does brings it to its desired destination (from where  it can decide to continue its travels, or simply enjoy the view where it is – or both).

So given that there is nothing in Life here that is not directed one way or another, we invite everything that happens into our healing journey.

Let us take two ways we may see this in practice.

1) Here we encounter everything as aspects of ourselves: our shadow selves seem external; indeed whatever seems most frightening tells us that we have terrified ourselves with our stories about them, no more. They show us our disordered constructs and false understandings about ourselves and about Life. They are manifestations of our unhealed being. They represent the boundaries between our personality and our greater incarnated self. We have made our own monsters to keep us from the treasure we buried a long time ago.

2) It is not necessary to be secluded, uninterrupted or otherwise in a place of exclusion when we do this work. In fact, what we see as interruption may be simply something gloriously showing up to distract the thinking mind while a healing takes place deep in our psyche. Or it may provoke a response that exposes the core of the construct we are about to heal.  When healing is our intent, this is exactly what happens, and because the healing process is so fluid, and free of any notion of the shape it should take, it becomes completely free itself, and so do you. On the other hand, sometimes we just know there is a preference in the air for seclusion, so we don’t exclude that either! Or perhaps the ego wants to be secluded, shall we say, or demand some other requirement be in place. That too we allow, because here we see the ego in resistance, and resistance is the bright neon sign outside the part marked “fear of the already known”, and we see the whole ramshackle construct about to depart to be broken down into its constituent parts and recycled into something wonderful. It always was something wonderful, doing its job the way we needed it, but this time we will know to love what it does.

So when you have placed your intent firmly in the direction of complete healing, we heal it to become unwavering; from here you will absolutely know your journey is in safe hands, and Life will guide you home.

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