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Life without resistance

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The whole nature of our desire to reach and embody the Light has to be one of realising what is true and what is not true. Distinguishing between light and dark is a quest for some, and a constant source of media entertainment, the way it engages us so readily. It is often interpreted at a personal level as confronting our shadow selves; but not often seen as the equivalent of seeing what is true that we believe about life and ourselves, and what is not true. What is not true darkens our vision, what is true enlightens it.

One thing that seems true to me is that we didn’t come here simply to return to Unity consciousness and then live from a state of bliss. In a sense, the return to Unity consciousness reminds us that the Great Adventure was to experience separation; to experience emotion, to experience beauty in something other, to experience both unfulfilment and fulfilment, to reinforce the experience of Joy by finding it both inside and outside, even to experience the consequences of ignorance.

Because we feel pain in duality, and believe to some degree that the world is a dangerous place, there is a tendency to view Unity as ‘good’ and duality as ‘bad’, somewhere we would like to leave in favour of the bliss of Oneness, however subtly we may hide this. We might posit that what duality teaches us is renewed appreciation: when we lose something, we begin to sense its value; we do this by ‘not having’ and then ‘having’ again. By ‘not having’, we are able to make a clear distinction we were unable to do before, and have a fresh sense of the quality of the ‘having’, sometimes even sense it for the very first time. By extension, this allows us to deepen our capacity to experience, for example, nuances of bliss that we did not know before.

Whatever the many reasons we have for designing our sensitivities the way we do, to arrange for our limited perspectives to be just so, so that we can find what we longed to discover – to create, to grow, and to understand the nature of the universe and what we are, and so much else – we dive deep into the experience of limitation. It’s like a diver who goes as deep as he can in the coral sea; at first sensing the beauty around him and then diving with purpose into the encroaching darkness, still looking: only turning back when it is time, and desperate to breathe the clear air and feel the warmth of the sun again. As he breaks the surface and feels the life force and the joy surging in him as the light scintillates off the ocean, he holds in his hand an exquisite pearl. Every pearl is unique, and beyond price.

Thus our adventures in duality deepen our Being, and we experience the fruits of this as we periodically return to Oneness. Indeed, the balance is to be experienced when riding the wave on the boundary of ‘having and ‘not having’, and also on the ‘boundary’ of perception of Oneness and duality. This is one core reason why liminality is held sacred in, for example, Celtic, Jewish and Native (now Christianised) South American cultures.

Every resistance is a defence against allowing Truth to be here; this is needed, for a while, for your education. What if, having experienced the lack of Truth, you were able to permit Truth to arise everywhere in your Being without hindrance, simply by allowing what no longer serves you to leave?

When we have had enough of experiencing resistance to experience, we can allow everything that arises here to come and go. That is a practical metaphor for allowing Life to flow through us freely. So part of the transformation that takes place is to include in our experience the ineffable quality of Oneness, and the full experience of duality. This brings true balance, as we are not striving for one thing or another; and brings with it a deep Peace.

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