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Living from the Heart

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To begin: The heart has a set of cells that are similar to those in the brain, and form a neural network. The field the heart produces is holographic; the heart responds to a stimulus before the brain does*. The signal from the heart can be picked up several miles away**.

When we enter the space of the Heart we encounter the All. Here we access our holographic wholeness and our own deep knowing.

After a while on the planet, it becomes easy to lose our trust in this. At some point or another we are told by people whose goodwill we feel dependent on that they are the authority around here, and you need to know the world is not a safe place, and you need to watch out, and that we have made poor decisions, and that from now on they will tell us what to do. We are told we must be vigilant, use what is called common sense, and think ahead to the potential unpleasant fallout of our actions. Our foolishness will otherwise cause a just chastisement. Our heart may tell us, for instance, at the age of three, that being able to paint wobbly lines of black on the walls of the family home is a wonderful thing. Other people’s egos will not join with us in this appreciation of the power of creation. In fact they don’t seem to like the results at all, and they become unloving. We learn this causes suffering, and that from now on we are to use our heads to learn the rules around here. We form a defensive ego that invents new ways to gain favour, and seek the happiness that comes from the absence of pain by learning how to get along and gain the love that we have forgotten is ours by right.

When our hearts cry out for freedom, it triggers our conditioned response that other people are right to disapprove of our actions, and that this means our decisions are poor, and cause pain, and are wrong; when we seek love, then, we become unloveable, and then we revert again to the control of the mind.

At last, at some later point, we realise that following the diktat and control of the mind has never brought the peace and love we sought from those early days, although (to give it its due) we have used it to create some ways of being in the world that are truly amazing and sometimes wonderfully bizarre.  When we release the painful construct of looking for love this way, we can once again turn to the Heart.

What we find when we do, with a few simple exercises, is that it knows how to do practically anything. In this space we are no longer in duality; here no question arises without an answer already being present. Our awareness is the means whereby the two are drawn together. The technology of the Heart needs no solid machinery; the imagination becomes the magic, which now only requires intent. And in the chamber of the Heart, our intent is fully aligned with Truth and Love; and what is created in that crucible is a thing of immense Beauty. And with this alignment we experience a complete Trust, knowing absolutely that everything is as it should be, and we sense the Harmony of all things, and this brings Peace. And within this arises a deep reverence for Creation.

In this vast perspective, the mind understands to consult the Heart in all things, and life becomes effortless.

* See for example Joseph Chilton Pearce http://www.ratical.com/many_worlds/JCP99.html

** See for example http://healthznews.com/gregg-braden-on-curing-cancer-using-our-own-technology-of-emotion.html

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