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Our natural state is one of serenity, clarity, joy, connection; completeness. We come to be born here, to experience life “through a glass darkly” – that is to say we forget who we really are in order to evolve. Our lives are not only limited in clarity, but also skewed in perspective; and from here we create new ways of being and find new ways to experience Love.

When we get an inkling that our perspective of life and of ourselves is distorted – for this is the same thing – and also that we are incomplete, we begin to search for clarity, and for some part of us that is lost to us. To even approach this part is fearful, and our resistances take many forms; we have hidden it away, locked down by emotions we are unwilling to experience. This is a deep magic, if you like, which by creating a virtual frame of reference allows us to journey here as human beings. It seems real: that is the deep magic.

There is further and deeper truth here: we are One Consciousness that, from some condition of Being beyond our understanding, has emerged as pure Awareness. From this One Consciousness, separateness has emerged – in fact from the instant (if we can say that an instant existed) that Awareness understood that It could see from two different perspectives, separateness was born. And we have taken this to extreme levels, to experience whole lives not only from this separateness of perspective, but also from severely diminished awareness.

So we can see that there are levels of perspective that exist simultaneously. One way of seeing this is to say that from the Absolute or the Field, where there is no experience, comes pure Awareness, where there is experience; within this emerges separation of consciousness into Soul Beings, who in turn may choose to send a part of their consciousness to experience a life stream as a separate consciousness in physical form that can forget everything about its origin. There is clearly infinitely more to experience in the infinite multiverse beyond the power of our human perspective to conceive of; but this would seem to be the route ‘we’ use to get here.

When it is time to return to an understanding of our Divine Nature, our Glory, our True Being, we first need a way to reintegrate that lost part of ourselves – this includes aspects “left behind” in previous lives – and become stable and more whole. In this part of the healing, relationships change, we become free of co-dependency; we no longer look for ratification, validation or love or approval through others. To achieve this, it is time to outflank the resistances we have put in place to prevent us from uncovering the truth about ourselves. To attempt this from the viewpoint of the personality is beset with difficulties; what this healing does is to establish the optimal speed that your Soul prefers to move at, and works without reference to the personality. This means that first you take the opportunities to gain specific understandings that will benefit you; other issues simply lift away, so that from a viewpoint of increasing clarity you can see the patterns by which you have lived.

So, then what becomes clear is your intention for this life, and for this lifestream (sequence of lives). You may even get a sense of how these decisions were made.

This brings with it an integration of a higher perspective of understanding; and from that point you may begin to experience how easily your perspective can move from that of the personality to that of pure Being, and back again.

To enable this, Richard uses a range of techniques that serve to both bring balance to the family soul and integrate the personality, allowing you not only to restore your natural poise and balance, but also to free yourself from environmental conditioning. He works at the point where consciousness becomes form, and this allows for rapid change at the interface of belief, thought and emotion. The Information Stream that he works with has complete insight into the nature of your journey and where you are, and directs his attention to where the next nexus of healing is focused. Once he helps you prepare the ground, the healing simply arrives. Richard then draws your attention to the changes that are taking place in your field.

This healing brings an increasing ease in life, in full acceptance of our humanity, with balance, and complete connection with nature and with All Life Everywhere, indeed with various realities; in complete alignment, with joy, power, fluidity and Grace. As the layers that create separation dissolve, you will realise that from a perspective of pure consciousness you are these things; from a personality perspective you enjoy them.

The ultimate purpose of all this is to bring all that you are right here, right now, in your life just as it is. You will experience the bliss of life being you.

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