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“My Life is a Mess”

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If you think your life is a mess, not only have you come to the right place, but you have misunderstood.

Some people come to be rich, to have successful careers, to be famous, to be celebrated for their external beauty, to be lionised as great leaders, to govern nations, to have happy families, to guide our spiritual lives; and the vast majority of us don’t.

What is tabu is for any one of such people to crack their image by telling you the truth about their lives – perhaps about how unfulfilled and insecure they feel, and about how much they wish their lives were different – because we think they have what we think we want, and we think them ungrateful and would never forgive them for breaking our dreams. This in itself is a burden.

There is much one could say; let’s start with politics, an easy target. We know that it is extremely difficult for politicians to come from a place of integrity, and few of them manage when in office, although some do quite well outside of it. Consider this: if you would do anything to have the power to change things, you are not incorruptible.

If you stand by your principles you are, except in times of great national need, likely to be thought a dangerous idealist and not someone who can be controlled by your seniors or is happy to indulge in tit-for-tat deals for mutual advancement; and you are never going to be told where the skeletons are buried. While others mollify media barons – unless you are one, or otherwise control the output – you can kiss goodbye to high office. We see exceptions to this where people are skilled negotiators and know how to play one side against the other, and flatter people to bring out their better qualities which reminds them why they set out to be politicians in the first place; but bitter forces – that look only for their own profit and skew the truth to suit their business needs – rage against them. There are those who see the way to a brighter tomorrow, and will bring people with them; but where they don’t toe the party line they are only useful where that party line has failed and a new one is being created; after that they are expendable. If they don’t promise profitability and growth, they are unwelcome. Politics is essentially a tribal culture, like the armed forces and financial and corporate behemoths. One basic tenet they all share is that there is no occasion ever when people at large should know the whole truth. So really, you are unlikely to want to do any of that.

Religious and tribal institutions regulate belief, and exclude all dissenters and non-believers from grace and favour. In all institutions, when there is no common enemy perceived as dangerous, different controlling factions fight each other, certain of their ownership of the true ethos. Where scientists believe nothing is true unless it can be validated scientifically, they cut themselves off from understanding the nature of experience; institutional scientism has a rigid belief structure, and is tribal also.

Even with wealth and property you can wake up and realise you feel lonely and unfulfilled, believing that your life has served little purpose; your family, if you have one, having perhaps left home and ironically feeling unfamiliar as you never really got to know them; or you may find you are feeling distant from friends, and are closed off to feeling and to life; even at the top of your profession you can feel isolated, unloved and insecure about your abilities, with a great deal to lose if that becomes public. Some of the greatest performers and artists are deeply insecure: they don’t realise they are opening themselves to allow something beyond the ego to flow through, and the ego mind does not know how it created what, in fact, it never created; and ironically believes itself to be a fraud. The pain of being judged by outward appearance is alienating, and a sense of futility can be kept at bay by distraction and constant attention for only so long.

Wherever we go, whatever we belong to, there will arise a point when we realise we are living in a world that is seeking its healing. We find that first when our own lives stop working. It is sometimes a huge advantage that our careers encounter doors that shut for us and open for others. Why? Because success as a measure of our worth and loveability and importance and so much else we think we want it for can be a distraction, and delay us in noticing that it doesn’t serve what is to be healed. We are rightly grateful to those that bring their genius, creativity or beauty to enrich our lives; perhaps they also came to find that expressing their deepest truth enhances the world.

Well, this is your journey too, and, whatever your other gifts, maybe your primary way of enhancing the world is healing to become completely free; because, if you did but know, you are an extremely skilled exponent of the art; and you have been working towards this, not just in this life, but in your entire life stream. And it is done, for the most part, beyond the public gaze, and the way it manifests in this life is misunderstood.

So, if your life seems to fall around your ears, whether you are celebrated or not, be aware that it mirrors the way all false constructs fall away in the light of Truth; if your career founders, or has always foundered, be aware this is the career path of someone following your prime directive: to come here and completely heal yourself and thus, holographically, the entire world.

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