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What we learn from quantum physics is that the stuff we are made of may not be stuff at all – either way, it exists in a different structure of time and space to that which we experience as conscious beings. Put simply, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle says if you know where something is you can’t say when it’s there, and vice versa. In other words you can fix it in time but not in space, or in space but not in time.

When we arrive in the foetus, we arrange a very delicate form of interaction neurologically with the brain, so our consciousness and form takes a certain shape.  We invest our understanding with notions of cause and effect, and changes in 3-D space over a linear timeframe.

But the body is in its own frame of reference, which we interpret in our own fashion. We are experiencing in 3-D something that is  – as we are if we did but know it – multi-dimensional. In science we see relationships between two atoms that have simultaneous movement at a potentially infinite distance – i.e. communication is instantaneous across 3-D space, that we normally consider limited by what can be achieved at the speed of light. Tachyons could be said to go backwards in time; science uses multi-dimensionality to explain what otherwise would be such anomalies in 3-D.

It’s clear that if you cut your finger deep enough it will bleed until it stops; there is a discernible course over time. We look for ways to interpret cause and effect in the healing of the body, so when we heal emotional trauma at a cellular level, we expect the body to heal that bit. Well, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t; certainly the emotional block to its healing has gone. But what if leaving the dysfunction in place serves a greater purpose? What if the healing arc of the body transcends time? It’s only our point of consciousness that says we are here now, and the body is here now, and we expect this behaviour now. We could for example say that a healthy tree expects to die, and it is healthy when it does, because its greater purpose is served in that act. It may be very healthy that the body is not what we think of as healthy, as its condition is serving a deeper purpose that is discernible from a greater perspective, that we also inhabit, but do not perceive.

If we take the multidimensional approach, knowing our consciousness is independent of the body, we can see that we have an arc of existence that is different from that of our body. In our bodies each cell has its own arc of life, and even if we radically change our DNA and purify our cellular structure – as we undoubtedly do with healing – it may be that Life has other ideas from that of our 3-D egos, acting collectively or otherwise. Our body serves a deeper purpose than serving our 3-D perspective, and when we open to that, we surrender the course of our lives and our bodies too.

Our job is to heal ourselves and allow Life to move through us freely; to allow the body to do the same, and be in a loving relationship with it, as it serves its own greater purpose while serving ours unconditionally. It is made of Grace, as we are, and doesn’t know what is to come any more than we do. It simply responds to the way the Ultimate Kindness is moving everything in concert to a wonderful awakening. From a condition of complete clarity, we allow our lives to unfold in Love without any need to know the future; and be prepared for miracles.

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