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The Holographic Heart and the Effects of Clarity

by on Feb.06, 2011, under Uncategorised

We are built of something we can’t reach a scientific understanding of; what it comes down to is that form becomes a way of experiencing something undefinable.

In fact Sacred Geometry shows us that the way consciousness becomes form is through the way that consciousness moves when it has awareness of itself.

This generates a series of fundamental shapes, and from these shapes an infinite variety of structures can be formed.

You could say that in the Consciousness of the Heart is preserved an understanding of all that; there we find the way we link to the Consciousness that gives rise to the form.  Any form, however static it may appear, is being constantly recreated.

Ultimately, we find we are this creative movement, and everywhere we look is an experience of this. This translates as being able to say that wherever we look at form, we find implicate order. Wherever we look in this implicate order we see the pattern of the whole.  If we bring our awareness to this, we connect with the deepest truth that we have never emerged from the All; we are This; our experience becomes one of pure knowing; the conscious mind, however, which works in concepts, is only able to grasp what is relevant to its processes.

The holographic parts that we all are have different attributes that together form the whole, and each part remains distinct in character. We might say that within each part can be found the All, while each part has its own characteristic perspective of it; its ‘take’ on it, if you like.

When we bring our pure awareness to bear on what we find in the Heart, we access our view of the All; by this act, a new relationship is made and a new awareness born; and this change of consciousness is available to all others through their own Hearts.

When we change our state of Being through assimilating and integrating this awareness, the Totality is also changed once again, and once again is accessible by each part from its own viewpoint.

Indeed, we may only partly understand a change we make, while another holographic person will have a deep understanding. This process is what gives rise to what we know as Morphic Resonance or the Morphogenetic Field. You will find this discussed elsewhere on this site.

You could say that the greater the light, the more the visibility, the more far reaching it is, and the greater the impact on the whole. Where there is a shared intent to ‘wake up’, and someone has actually woken up, the beacon can be seen across the world.

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