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As a hay fever sufferer for the last 8 years I was desperate for a long-term remedy with no side effects. Richard offered a healing and instantly my symptoms faded away. This was in May of 2009. It is now Spring 2011 and so far this year I have not suffered from hay fever.

Claire Casey, East Lothian


I first experienced Richard when he was using the Journey processes with me to help with depression, following a life threatening illness. It really worked and I was delighted. I felt completely differently thereafter and it lasted! More recently I have had healing with Richard in person and over the phone. He has a tremendous amount of learned and deep, intuitive knowledge. His connection to spirit and the information he is given and the subsequent healings I have had have always given me valuable insights into my self and my life situation. The healings he can effect so quickly have usually completely lifted me out of depression to a degree I find astonishing. I have tried many, many modalities over many years and this is the most effective I have found for clearing my depression and giving me quick, valuable insights into my situation.

Fiona Blackie, Fife


Richard has a beauty, precision & unfathomable depth when working with individuals. There is a wisdom, knowledge, love & openness that is unassuming & second to none.

Shona Duff, Glasgow


I am transformed. I am not the person I was – and yet I am. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I feel so free and expansive. I am as clear as the sound of a bell, as clear and vast as a starry night sky. And I honour me, the me that has come and learnt so many things, the me that has come back to wholeness. I dance in celebration of the me that is the miracle of the moment. And all the other miracles of life. I am full of gratitude for all that is.

Sibongile P, Edinburgh


My healing is complete, and I have lost nothing, gaining in its place, my heart, direction, clarity, peace and a beautiful friend and guide in Richard.

I have now left the part of me that no longer serves me, “ME”; and I walk forward with all That does, in service, in creation, in love, and in boundless gratitude every day for the perfection that sits before me.

I am at one with who I am and for the first time I love me.

Today I sit in clarity, love, creation and a knowing that I am complete in me, my heart and my journey; I am awakened to all possibilities and direction that I am given.

To heal is to heal not only in body, but in mind and spirit too, not one part, but all.

God Bless you Richard for the truly wonderful and majestic work you do, the world is and will continue to become a place of truth and beauty by having you here and I am honored to now have the possibility of journeying with you.

Ann Knox – Glasgow

Founder in Source
The Truth Matters Institute of Health
Lighting the way to Radiant Wellness
Website: www.thetruthmatters.org.uk


I have doors opening for me and they are exciting on different levels, and I know I am in a different space because I only feel excited and motivated….no doubt, no worrying what other people think, confident and making decisions……..Nothing seems difficult.

Karen Grossart, Falkirk

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